What Other Drugs may Effect Methadone?

While taking methadone you may be informed by your doctor on some things you should not do or medicines you should not take. There are some foods or even medicines that may affect methadone in your body. You need to be aware on what these drugs are in order for you to stay away from using it without your doctor’s advice.  You must be ready and ask your doctor for a list of drugs that you should not take. Here are a couple of information about the drugs that can affect methadone: the antagonist drugs and the agonist antagonist drugs.

Antagonist and agonist-antagonist drugs lower the body’s methadone level. This is done by ripping the methadone from the opioid receptors and allowing the liver to bio transforms them into inactive metabolites. Naltrexone, naloxone and nalmefene are sample of antagonist drugs that you should stay away from using it. Buprenorphine, butorphanol, dezocine, nalbuphine, and pentazocine are samples of  agonist-antagonist drugs that also affect the methadone level on your body.

Here are additional list of drugs that may affect methadone: Benzodiazepines such as Alprazolam; Clorazepate Dipotassium; Estalozam; Flurazepam; Midazolam-Hydrochloride; Triazolam and Temazepam. This list of drugs may cause CNS depression.

You should also refrain from drinking alcoholic drinks when under methadone maintenance treatment. Alcohol is an potent central nervous system depressant. When alcohol is used while taking methadone, this may even cause worst effects and can be very lethal in such a way that it does   make the central and autonomic nervous systems not to function, thus might end up killing you.

Barbiturates must also nopt be taken together with methadone since it may cause synergistic action which happens when both drugs are tken together where the depressant effect is so much greater. Here are a list of barbiturates in order for you to have the background on what medicines you must also be aware of when you are under methadone maintenance treatment: Luminal Sodium; seconal;  Tuinal; Aprobarbital; Butalbital; Butabarbital.

Here are also a list of medicine that may not be lethal but slows down the metabolism of methadone: Amitrypitilin; Imipramine; Cimitedine;  Omeprazole; and Fluacnozole.

In this matter there are a lot of medicines and type of medicines you need to be aware of, there are some medicines that can lower the effect of methadone on your body or other may increase the effect and does not to lower or increase the methadone dose that you are currently taking. So in this case, when you accidentally took a medicine especially when these ra e depressant types or even if you are not sure, the best thing that you need to do is immediately seek medical attention and is more better to visit the methadone doctor who helps you with the treatment since they are the one who knows better regarding methadone and its side effects.  Never assume that everything will be fine since you are used in taking that medicine and you are not allergic to it. Even though you are used to the medicine still you are not allowed to or is not advisable to take any medicine when under methadone treatment since once you take methadone, your body has another kind of very strong medicine that may cause any bad effects.

Just me mindful on what you do and be more careful when you are under methadone maintenance treatment. This treatment is developed to help you surpass that challenges you face when you were heroin addict. Secure this purpose and bnever do anything that can ruin it. When something happens, it may be a caused of an effect of methadone towards other drugs, but still it is in you to control it.